Free Unix Programming Samples

Bash Script Programming

1. Create s system information summary script to display the following information. Accept a command line option for each item, so that if the user starts your script with one or more of the options, the will only output the information requested. The output should be designed for a person to read, with section titles and spacing to make it easy to read. • System name with domain name if it has one

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PowerShell Script Programming


Create a script to produce a system information report. Each output section should have a title before it to clearly identify the section and separate it from the rest of the report. The report should be plain text. The report should be written for humans to read,and should use names for things like printer status,not numbers. Marks are given for each section that produces correct output only. A sample output report is available in the Assignments area on Blackboard. Correct output includes output formatting (e.g tables vs.list,names for presented data elements, etc.). Your output must include all of the data elements,formatted like the output in the sample output report on Blackboard,to receive full marks.

  1. Display the OS manufacturer,name, version,OS architecture,registered user, and serial number.
  2. Display information about the system including computer manufacturer,model,windows name,windows domain name,primary owner name, system type.

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