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What is Scala?

Scala is short form for scalable. Scala language provides supports object-oriented and functional programming concepts. It executes on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This multi-world view language will help the Java and other language developers remain get benefits. Most of company that are Java based are moving to Scala to enhance their productivity. The code of Scale is less over Java. There are numerous new highlights that are stuffed in this language. Not many of them incorporate Domain Specific dialects, articles and terminations that would advance effective programming.

Evaluation of Scala

Scala programming language was first developed by Martin Odersky. The programming language was developed by submitting general direction to practical programming. The main thought behind building up this programming language is to offer interoperability with different stages. In any case, Scala is not a superset of Java, rather is interoperable with Java. Besides, it was discovered that the projects aggregated in Scala are proficient over Java, since it holds the capacity to mean byte codes in Java. This is an exquisite and succinct language that has been gotten from two catch phrases in certain adaptable and language. Scala provides permission you to interact general programming designs in a powerful manner. It lessens the quantity of lines and causes the software engineer to code in a kind safe manner. It permits you to compose codes in an unchanging way, which makes it simple to apply simultaneously and parallelism.

Features of Scala language-

There are many features of using Scala programming. Sometimes it is also making comparison between Scala Vs Java.

  1. Scala is object-oriented Programming:-Scala is the Pure object Orient Programming language which uses the types and behaviours of class and objects.
  2. Scala is functional:-Scala Programming language is functional means that every value of Scala is the function which used everywhere as object. Scala always support higher order functions. Sequence comprehensive are important for formulating queries.
  3. Scala is Extensible:-Domain Specific application has developed need certain domain language extension.
  4. The most important features of Scala, it runs on JVM and execute Java code.

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Topics of Scala
  1. Control Abstraction
  2. Pattern Matching
  3. Combining Scala and Java
  4. Control Structures
  5. Composition and Inheritance
  6. GUI Programming
Scala Web Frameworks-

Now a days Scala Programming language becomes one of prominent programming language and used everywhere in enterprise web application. There is various framework used for Scala programming and few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Play framework
  2. Blower framework
  3. Lift framework

To run Scala Programming, one must have to setup the following environment before executing the program.

Verify JAVA Installation in PCs

Command: -

For window OS:- open cmd and type />java -version

Linux:- Open terminal and type $java -version

Set JAVA Environment Install Scala

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