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What is Marketing?

Marketing is the activity associated with company and processes for making, communicating, exchanging and delivering the products with their valuable customer, clients, individuals and partners channel. Marketing promise to promote selling or buying of products or services. The main aim of marketing to bring audience towards your products by advertising, offering and giving some benefit to customers. Most of the company use professional marketing staff for promotion of the products.
The main strategy of marketing to give satisfaction to customers and their satisfaction brings more profitable for company. Ultimately company must ensure their profit at end.
Price, promotion, place and products are main key of Marketing. These four Ps of Marketing play important role in customer satisfaction. These Four Ps fulfil all the criteria of company needs and market value of the products.

What are Managerial Communications?

Managerial communication is a method which guides managers interaction with each other as well as with staff within the company. Communication is one of the important components of marketing. Communication helps in increasing the business. Its helps to transfer the message from one person to another person which is called as sender and receiver.
It helps in light flow of details within the manager working for achieve the common gaols for organisation. The message communicated must be clear and in understandable for the receiver which makes more business for company.
It is important to communicate with all team members regular for development of organisation. This is the responsibility of Manager to hold meeting with their working staff and share the information of new market value.

There are two types of Managerial communication:
  1. Interpersonal Communication: – This type of communication commonly happens among two or more individuals at workplace. In this there is no need to involve company for communication.
  2. Organizational Communication: – This type of Communication happens at large levels with organisational for marketing purpose. Large number of people involve in this type of communication.
What are the Principles of Marketing?

To make business plan successful, Marketing is one of the foundations. There are four Principles of marketing.

  1. Product: - It is the service which given to meet the certain customer’s requirement. Products play important role for making customer satisfaction and performs high value for marketing strategy.
  2. Price: - Price is one of essential principles of marketing as price based on different factors like customer area, cost of production, demands of products, brand name and all products service providing from past years.
  3. Place: - This is the point of sale where products to be sold to customer. Place play important role and one of the essential principles of marketing. Choosing right place for right product is one the tough task for organisation. Delivery of products to customer destination on right time has become one of the fundamental issues for organisation. Each customer wants the products near to them so that easily purchasable for use.
  4. Promotion: - It is also important principles of marketing which helps in products selling. Promotion makes company profitable by promoting the products on required demographical area. Promotion refers to techniques and communication strategy like sales promotion, advertisement, digital campaign, giving more offers on products. Now a days offers attract more customer towards the purchases of products.
What is Quantitative Method?

Quantitative methods associated formalized principles that makes on the basis for a proper research process that go through the various formulation of research query, research design and the analysis of data to conclude the proper results. The data will be connected to proper variables, and standardized methods are pushed for data collection such as observations, expert assessments, interviews.

Protection of integrity

It is the ethical norms for doing research of the participants to protection of integrity which including in proper requirements of education studies. This norm concentrates on protection against different way of risk involved in participation in research and the protection of the recognition of participants, associated with concerns for protecting stigmatisation of certain populations. Protection of privacy and anonymity which is a fundamental problem in saving integrity. moreover, the practical application of this norm shows the effects when conflict with to use a certain design.

Principles of Finance

Principle of finance is one of the important parts of marketing. The organisation keeps proper employees to do calculation of product price and analyse all the financial aspects related to the products. There are various works which need to keep in mind while making the financial statements for organisation.
Financial terms are broad and they concentrate on the time value of money, financial ratio analysis, capital budgeting analysis, capital structure, pro forma financial statements and the capital cost. In the Principles of finance, we generally study about stocks and bonds.

What is stock?

A stock is used to explain the ownership certificates of any organisation. It is also defined as it is one types of investment that shows the owner on organisation. Holding a specific company's share makes you a shareholder.
Public comes sells their stock through stock market exchange. The investor who put stock on market will wait till time over as stock fluctuate many times in day. So, there is no need to worry at starting.

What is market Challenger?

Market challenger are the company who always stand at position of No 2 or No 3. Through various price for particular products, company tries to expand their business commonly in market. The main vision of market challenger to occupied market with branding products as leader in market by improving the customer service.

What is Channel management?

The Channel Management is mostly used in sales marketing platform. Channel management is explained as a way by which the company develops several sales strategies as well as marketing techniques to come in contact with customer base.
Channel management helps in developing a program for servicing and selling’s customers among a particular channel. The main mission is to make proper communication between a customer and the businessman.

What is Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a essential graphical tool which represents activities performed against time. Gantt Chart is also called as visual representation of a project where the task is cut down and shown on a chart which makes it is easy to interpret and understand.

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