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What is Biology?

Biology is the branch of science which deals with the living organism. The Biology words derived from Greek Word, Bios means “life” and logos means “study”. Which clearly defined the whole terms of biology by joining these two terms. Biology is the study of molecular organism which evolve in associated with ecosystems.

There is various subfield of Biology which has been study:
  1. Biochemistry: - Biochemistry is the b branch of chemistry which deals with biological processes at the molecular and cellular level. It associated as a different discipline during the starting of the 20th century when chemistry, physiology, and biology combined by scientist to investigate the chemistry of living. Biochemistry is the study of both chemical science and life science. Biochemistry expands the chemistry of living organisms and basis of molecular for the varies happened in living cells. All the Biological process has been understanding under the biochemistry. It gives us the knowledge of various disease in human, plant and animals and other living things. Biochemistry tell us how the quickly response to those diseases which helps to cured. Biological Chemistry and physiological chemistry are two old synonymous of biochemistry.
  2. Botany: - Botany is the branch of biology in which we study about plants, for their, properties, structure and biochemical processes. Botany also associated for the study of plant diseases and classification of plant which interact with environment. The main principles of Botany are the tells about the horticulture, forestry and agricultures. The various Botanical research helps us to improve the quality and production of medicine, foods, fibres, other products related with plants. Botanical skill has sued by Conservationists which help handles forests, range lands, and parks. Botany is one of essential subfield of Biology which gives better helps to service in society. From medicine made from various plants helps the living organism to cured from the diseases.
  3. Cellular biology:- Cellular biology is the branch of biology in which we study about the fundamental of cellular units of living things.
  4. Ecology:- Ecology is the branch of Biology which deals with human, environment. This branch of biology tells us how the interaction of human organism and environment. Ecology tells about at different levels, such as population, organism, community, biosphere, and ecosystem.

    There are various types of Ecology. Some of them are mentioned below:

    1. Global Ecology: - In this type of Ecology we study about interaction between earth ecosystems, ocean and land. It helps us to know about the wide range of interaction and planets influence.
    2. Landscape Ecology: - In this Ecology, it tells us about the exchange of material, organism, energy and other products on the ecosystems.
    3. Ecosystem Ecology: - It tells us about the all ecosystems including non-living and living species and their relation with environment.
    4. Community Ecology:- It is made of two or more population of various species living in certain areas.
    5. Organismal Ecology:- In this Ecology we study about the single morphology, physiology and behaviour of organism. It tells about how there is connection between abiotic and biotic components.
    6. Molecular Ecology:- In this topic we study about the production of protein and how protein made impact on environment and organism.
  5. Evolutionary biology:- This is the branch of biology which helps to know about the diversity of time. In this branch we study about the origins and occurrence in the diversity of life over time.
Some other Fundamental Topic we study inside the Biology are:
  1. Cell structure and function: - In this topic we study about structure o cell, basic unit of cell, cell membrane, chemical constituent of living cell.
  2. Plant physiology: - In this topic we study about the photosynthesis, Transportation in plant and respiration in plant.
  3. Human Physiology: - In this topic we study about respiration and breathing.

    Respiration: - It is process of taking exhalation and inhalation of air. It is the biochemical methods that helps to get cell of organism energy by joining glucose and oxygen, carbon dioxide, ATP and water are release as result.

  4. Reproduction: - Reproduction meaning is to reproduce. Reproduction is a biological method in which an organism reproduces an offspring who is biologically same to the organism. There are two types of reproduction:

    Asexual Reproduction: - In this type of reproduction only single organism provide the orientation new organism.

    Sexual Reproduction:- In this type of reproduction there is involvement of production offspring by fusion of male and female gamete.

  5. Genetic and Evolution: - In this we study about the inheritance, RNA Packaging, sex determination in human, bird etc.

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