Revision and Refund Policy

  1. Once order is placed and if you decide to cancel your order before we assigned your work to tutors, a cancellation charge of 25% shall be deducted on the total amount agreed between the full payment with us & you. However, if the tutors has already working on assigned work then you will have the option, either to continue with the order, or the expert will deduct an amount equivalent to work done along with a cancellation charge of 25% of the total decided amount. Tutors already taken the compensation amount of their work and given amount of time on work. You are not allowed to request to cancel the order with deadline of 24 hours, or 24 hours are remaining to submit, there is no refunded of amount in any circumstances.
  2. If you get any issue during payment process i.e if you charged twice for same assignment and you have two different receipt then don’t hesitate to communicate with our chat support. We are here to solve your problem. Our payment processing system (i.e. or or other mode). Feel free to share receipt and we try to resolve within 7-10 business working days with full refund payment or getting your wallet recharged whatever is possible from our end.
  3. We always assure you that we assigned your work to most expert tutor, but it rarely seen that tutor is not available on certain occasion, if that condition occurs we promise that next of your order assigned of same value is compensate with previous or may be free of cost.
  4. Please check all paper details and additional materials are provided while placing the order. In very few circumstances the order could be delivered post the deadline due to, no or delayed response from the client. To make more promising to you, your deadline of submission of work doesn’t fails. Any request to stop the work shall be worked out as per Clause No. 1.
  5. It will never happen that you will get fail grade in your assignment; in case if it does, we will not refund your money. However we promising you that we will do your next work with compensation only if you will claim with valid proof.
  6. if you got fails in getting grades which happens unusual condition, there is no refund of money in any circumstances, You can ask for rework of the similar assignment by giving us valid proof of failed assignment. This condition is valid within a period of one month. Any claims made after this time interval won’t be entertain. Since, tutor compensation are paid in advance and we can’t expect them to pay back for the loss. we will take strong action against the tutor by avoiding their services for future assignment.
  7. We don’t offer any cash refund policy (except clause no. 2) in this service, so if your claim is genuine (according to the above points) then we recharged to the wallet.
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