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In Production Management Course we study about the Roles and responsibility of the manufacturing company,Mangers, clients requirement, Selection of products. How Project Manager handled any project. It is important for any company to maintain manufacture quality of products and satisfy customers at every moments.

What is Production?

Production is the technique of turning raw material into finished products in a manufacturing process. Hence Initial purpose of economic activity is to give utility for individuals. Business Organizations are the necessary components of economics’ system.

What is productivity?

Productivity is the relationship between the input and output of any business systems. It is alos defined as the ratio of aggregate output to the input is known as productivity.
Productivity = output/Input

What is the importance of Productivity?

Some of the importance of productivity are mentioned below: -

  1. Productivity will generate maximum employment opportunity.
  2. The same output is produced with minimum input.
  3. Productivity shows the efficiency of production system.
  4. Productivity helps to decrease the cost per unit and hence increase the profit.
  5. Maximum output is produced with maximum input.
What are differences between Product and services?


  1. Consumption takes more time.
  2. Product takes long response time.
  3. Products need large facilities.
  4. In product quality can be measured easily.
  5. Involvement of customer is minimum.


  1. Immediate consumption .
  2. Services takes short response time.
  3. Services need less facilities.
  4. Quality can’t possible to measure easily.
  5. Involvement of customers is large.
Types of Production System

The production systems of any organization generally use facilities equipment’s and operation methods to gives goods that satisfy customer’s demand. The requirements of production system rely on the kinds of product that company offers and planning that it employs to service its stakeholders or customers.

  1. Job shop Production: - This type of production system is good for manufacturing of small batches of variety products, each of which is custom made and need its own unique set of routing by production process. It takes more time for waiting for access to equipment. The production system in which various kinds of product follow multiple sequences through different shops.
  2. Batch Production: It used the technology meet all the requirement for different types of products in varying volumes. In this type of Production systems within the wide range of products in facility and various demands in large volume required. Batch production should be preferred when there is large number of products in wide variety of volumes.
  3. Mass production: The product variety is fixed in mass production. A process technology perfect for small range of standardized products in large volumes. The example of the mass productions is Assembly of television, cold drinks factory, computer keyboard assembles etc.
  4. M4. Continuous Production: In this production system products and material are produced in endless, regular rather than in batches or small units. In this type of production systems, the product is more standardized.

Operation Management

What is Operation Management?

It is the administration of business practices to make highest level of efficiency within a company. Operation Management related with converting labor and material into goods and services as more efficiency as possible to maximize the gain of the company.

Some Key of Operation Management are follows below: -
  1. Operations management handles different planning problems including calculating the size of manufacturing plants and project management ways and execute the structure of technology networks.
  2. Operation Management directly involves utilizing material from employees, technology and equipment. Operations managers play important roles and acquire, develop and deliver products to customers depends on customer requirement and abilities of the organization.
  3. It is entails reading the use of raw goods and ensuring minimal waste occurs. Operations manager take all the various formula to utilize such quantity and calculate when large of an inventory order to process and also have abilities to hold on hand of much inventory.
Managing the production process in a manufacturing organization

Operations managers has power to manage all the activities in the company and they engage in daily activities of materials management which encompasses the activities of buying and work scheduling and inventory control.

Purchasing and supplier Selection

It is the process of acquiring the materials and services to use in development is known as purchasing. Some of the main question occurred in the purchasing are:

  • Is the quality of products good?
  • Can vendor supply the required quantity of materials at affordable price?
  • Is the vendor will deliver products on time?
  • Is the vendor have favorable reputation?
  • Is company comfortable to work with?

These all the question occurred while there is name of purchasing of products. Getting the answer of the above question and making right selection, the process is called as supplier selection which is responsibility of operations management.

Inventory control

Many of the manufactures have since learned that to remain competitive they reqires to manage inventories more effectively and this task need to strike balance between the threats tp productivity. The process of striking this balance is known as inventory control and the companies continuously rely on various inventory control methods.

Material requirement Planning

A software equipment called material requirement planning which depends on sales forecasts and ordering leads times for products to determine the quantity of each component part requires for production then calculate when they should be made. The role of materials is normally a list of different kinds that make up the end products and to place orders so that all things just in time for production.

e- procurement

The various technology has changed the method of business purchasing. Through e-procurement organization use the internet to communicate with the suppliers. The way is common and similar to one you use to find consumer goods. The internet gives the extra benefits to purchasing managers by helping them to interact with potential supplier. They can use the internet to produce supplier requirement for parts and suppliers give them instruction on given idea by employers.

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