Bash Script Programming


1. Create s system information summary script to display the following information. Accept a command line option for each item, so that if the user starts your script with one or more of the options, the will only output the information requested. The output should be designed for a person to read, with section titles and spacing to make it easy to read.

  • System name with domain name if it has one
  • IP addresses for this host by interface, leave out localhost loopback network
  • OS version and name
  • CPU description
  • Memory installed
  • Available disk space on attached physical drives
  • List of printers configured


p3='Please Enter the option from list:' options=("system name" "ip address of the host interface" "OS version and name" "CPU description" "Memory Installed" "Available Disk space on physical drive" "List of printer configured" "Quit")

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