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What is Alice?

The make animated video with friendly storytelling and interface children always used Alice which teaches the programming concepts. It is starting programming language which is used to make videos and 3D animations.
In Alice there is no any punctuation and syntax to hassle with you to make animation. Through this software One can easily learn fundamental tips of the programming.

There are two version of Alice:
  1. Alice 2
  2. Alice 3

1. Alice 2:Alice 2 is one of the best tools for learning the fundamentals concept of programming language.

2. Alice 3:Alice 3 launched after Alice 2 successful in market. It acquired all the functions of Alice 2 and add features of object oriented.

What is Storyboard?

The narrative is planned by graphical methods is called as storyboard. It is one of the powerful steps to make visualization of present information. Storyboard is the sequential methods to draw a story. The storyboard tells us the stories divided into pieces. Each piece of story drawn out on piece and attached to a board in sequential order. Each piece of story makes sense and plan for production of story.

How To work with Alice Software?

Step 1 →Start Alice 3 software


The above pop will come. Choose one of the options from above. If you are making new project then select “Blank States”. Otherwise some more options are also available. Here “Blank States” has chosen. Here we have chosen “Grass”.

Step 2 → After click on Ok button. The scene will pop with all the functionality. Below is the screen.


 In the above Interface, at top right corner is scene view which gives the view of our world.
 Just behind scene view, an empty swamp, but we are about to add dragons, witches, and more!.

Step 3→ Click on “Setup Scene” option which is on right button corner of scene. Below window will come.


Setup the camera view which is on middle of scene. Adjust according to view. In bottom There is options for Object. Here I have selected “Browse Gallery By Group”. For making video, we have just click on different object and drag it on the above scene. Just after the scene, in right corner, we have different option to adjust the object. Click on object and then adjust size, style etc. according to requirement. While selecting object to drop, you can name object as per your choice. You can also set the property of object by selecting object, on the right side of scene the various property option will show. Set according to your requirement.


For Making a Scene we have to see a list of themes of objects.

Step 4 →  After dropping object as per requirement for Game. Click on “Edit Code” option which is right bottom corner of scene. Below window will come.

We will also use “positional button” which is upper right top

There are four Positional buttons are:

  1. Default: It moves objects around and turns them right and left.
  2. Rotation: It turns objects across all planes.
  3. Move:It will move object side to side and also up and down.
  4. Resize:It is used to make object smaller and bigger.

Now code for functionality of object. Two option are available. On “Procedure” you can drag the option and drop it on “myFirstMethod”, set property. Since Alice 3 is object-oriented programming concept so just bottom of Window, statement and function are there. Use them according to requirement. Other option “Function” On this you can write own function for specific object.


In the above interface, on left side “The code Editor panel” where we will drag and drop the methods and functions for object.

Step 5→ Next Click on “Run” button which is on scene right top corner.


We have written procedure for Alice object. To say “hello”.
The animation has been successfully created.


We can also create storyboard for the above animated video.

Please feel free to ask any queires
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