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Computer science Engineering is an academic program which deals with the computer science and computer engineering. There is various program within the computer science engineering. Computer science engineering is totally mathematical computation, programming languages, hardware design, solving of algorithms etc. in the field of computer science engineering, there is many aspects of computing which involved the microprocessor, supercomputer and personal computers

The computer science Engineering offers various subject which is written below:
  1. C/C++
  2. Data structure
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Unix
  5. Computer Network
  6. Mobile Network
  7. Java
  8. C#/C sharp
  9. Computer Organisation

i. C/C++

C is the procedural programming language, which is portable and standardized among the various operating systems. C language sought after programming language developing the system software such as compiler, driver, also interpreter for various language like c#, java etc. As we know C is procedural programming language there is no concept of class and object.


                        Int main()
                        Int num;
                        Printf(“Enter the number: “);
                        Scanf(“%d”, &num);
                        Printf(“ you have entered : %d”, num);
                        Return 0;
                        Enter the number: 10
                        You have  entered : 10

C++ is the object-oriented programming language. C++ is the extension of C programming language. The C++ is common purpose programming language. we can use for development of any software in various of domains.


                        Using namespace std;
                        Int main()
                        Cout<<” Quick Assignment help”;
                        Return 0;

                        Quick Assignment help

ii. Data Structure

Data Structure is the method of putting or inserting data in a computer so that it can be used properly. Data structures are distributed in various characteristics.

The some of the possible characteristics are as below:
  1. Static or Dynamic: - During the compile time, the static data structure has fixed structure, memory location and size. While dynamic data structure have not fixed sizes, memory location and structures during compile time. It can be shrink or enlarging the size and memory according to their use.
  2. Liner and non-Linear: - This type of characteristics of Data structure explains that whether the data items are arranged in chronological way or sequence.
  3. Homogenous and non-Homogenous: - This type of characteristics of data structure explains that whether all the data items in given repository are of the same types or of different types.

In the Data structure we can study about concept of Array, pointer, Linked list, binary Tree, graph, Stack, Queue, Heap, Binary Search, Hashing etc.

iii. Operating Systems

Operating system often called as OS. It is important program that execute on the computer. Each general-purpose computer must have the operating system to execute the program and other applications. It performs various task like reorganizing the input entered by keyboard, sending output to the screen to display and it also track the files and folder which stores in the systems.

iv. UNIX

Unix is an OS which was first came in the year 1960s and its development continuously since from that time. Unix is multi-user, stable and multi-tasking for system server for laptop and Desktop. Unix has also GUI as similar to MS Window. There are many types of Unix. Some of variety are as Sun Solaris, Linux, MacOS X.

The Unix OS is made of three categories:
  1. the Kernel
  2. the shell
  3. the program

v. Wireless Network

Wireless network is also called as Wi-Fi Network. It is established by using radio signal frequency to communicate with computer and other devices like mobile, tablets etc. Working of the Wireless network is when computer send data, binary data will encoded radio frequency and delivered by the wireless router. The main components of the wireless network is wireless clients. And wireless router or access point.


v. Computer Network

Computer Network is set of computers which is connected to each other for purpose of the sharing data and other resources. The main resources shared is connection of Internet.

There are various catogarisation of computer Network are as follows:
  • WAN: It stands for Wide Area Network. This type of network is establishes for large area i.e for states or countries. It is quite bigger than Local Area Network. It is widely used in the field of education and business purpose in large organization.
  • LAN: It stands for Local Area Network. The connection is established for the small area such as building , office etc. It is less costly. The data transfer rate is very high. LAN provides higher security.
  • PAN: It stands for Personal Area Network. This types of connection is established for individual person for small range of 10-15 meters. The PAN are such as mobile, media player and laptop which is internally connected to each other.
  • MAN: It stands for Metropolitan Area Network. This types of connection is established for large area by interconnecting different Local Area Network to form a larger Network. It is probably higher range than LAN.

vi. JAVA

Now A days JAVA is popular programming language which is owned by the oracle. It is used for development of Desktop Application, Mobile Application, Web Application, Games Database and many more. It is Object oriented Programming language. So it has concept of Class , object, polymorphism, Encapsulation, inheritance and Data hiding. Java Can run or various platform such as Window, Linux etc. JAVA is Open Source and free available to use.

                        Public class Example {
                            Public static void main(String[] args) {
                                System.out.println(“Best Java Programming”);

                        Best Java Programming

vii. C Sharp

It is object oriented Programming which is developed by Microsoft. C Sharp which is also pronounce as C# is specified as CLI language. C# programming is similar to C and C++ language so it is easy to understand once you have knowledge of C and C++. C# is component oriented programming. It is also structural language and produces the efficient programs. C# is the Part of .Net Framework.

                    Using System;
                    Namespace MyQuickAass {
                        class Example {
                            static void Main(string[] args) {
                                Console.WriteLine(“My First C# program”);
                                Console. ReadLine();


viii. Computer Organisation and Architecture

Computer Organisation is level of abstraction above the logical level and below the operating System level. It is somewhat near related to the computer architecture, which emphasis the engineering decision. It deals that How many registers should be there? What types of Machine instruction should be there? How cached will be organized.

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