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Student ID ending with odd number Program

Program 1

The program you will be developing will be used by event organizer's staff who are promoting social gathering. e.g. LAN Parties, Board Game Nights. The Event organizer has range of events, Customer can book a sear at event, and if circumstances changes they can remove their reservation at a later time, but not when it is less than a day before the event. the event organizers want you to make a program that can be used by their staff to store seatr reservation information. Following features need to be implemented in the program:

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Python Data Visualisation Program


Task 1: Write a program that creates a dat frame called students that contains height in cm and weight in kg in descending order. if there are blanks i.e. NA fill them with 50.

Task 2: Find teh avaergae and maximum height and weight.

Task 3: Compute a liner fit for the data of the form a*x +b. Find a and b.

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