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Program 1

The program you will be developing will be used by event organizer's staff who are promoting social gathering. e.g. LAN Parties, Board Game Nights. The Event organizer has range of events, Customer can book a sear at event, and if circumstances changes they can remove their reservation at a later time, but not when it is less than a day before the event. the event organizers want you to make a program that can be used by their staff to store seatr reservation information. Following features need to be implemented in the program:

Basic Task

  1. Create customer deatils- Name, Email, Refernce Code(5 digit reference code that does not start wirth zeros), Adult or child.
  2. Reserve sear at an events- restriction is that customer can book only one seat for given event, they ma however book sears at different event.
  3. Once all seats at an event are booked, user should get a warning message-sorry, event is sold out.
  4. Customers can cancel their reservation, condition is, it must not be allowed less than 24 hours before an event
  5. Show summary information about an event-number of seats booked, nu,mber of seats available
  6. Information about customer and events booking must persist
Advance Tasks
  1. Allow user to create a new event
  2. Full validation of all input
  3. Ask user to choose file name and path to save teh file (Assumption is that teh directory/folder already exits)
  4. Report on a Customer reservation

Seat Booking

This program deals with the ticket booking and cancellation of various events based on customer inputs. First the program asks 2 question-;

  1. To cancel the ticket
  2. To book the Ticket
Enter your choice:
  1. To Book Ticket
  2. Details of customer are taken and stored in the variables. During the execution, the program asks some queries like:
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