Unix Script


Tasks:You are required to write a Bourne Again Shell Script (bash) to manage a menu driven program. When executed the user should be presented with a menu with 4 (four) options:

  1. Print the following user information: the home directory, path, userid , login shell together with the current date and time.
  2. Ask a user a range and it displays eight random number between the range. [Range difference must be 100. Example Enter a range: 200 300
  3. Print out the highest and the lowest numbers of the generated eight random numbers
  4. Exit the program
Your script must allow one of these options to be chosen at a time. The menu must be presented over and over again, until the fourth option (exit) is chosen. An appropriate error message must be displayed if an invalid option is chosen.
Option one, your script should list the specified environment variables. The current output of the date command, together with the userid and the full name of the user also needs to appear in this file, before the environment variables.
Option two should prompt the user a range and displays eight (8) random numbers.
Option three should list the highest and lowest number of the generated random numbers.
Option four should cause a graceful exit from the menu and the whole program.


#!/bin/bash while : do # Initailsing the Menu Systems Here echo "1.Info " echo "2.Enter Range" echo "3.Highest and Lowest from Random " echo "4.Exit" read -p "Choose Your Option: " option function line()

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