Managing Software Development


Part 1 – Testing (8 marks) There are two components to this part of the assignment. You are required to produce an acceptance test description and a detailed black-box test description. These two test types are related but you should consider them separately. The detailed black - box test plan ( 4 marks) A detailed black-box test plan does assume you a very familiar with the product you are testing. The aim here is to use your knowledge of testing to black-box test an existing piece of software in detail. Part 2 – Build Management ( 4 marks) Briefly describe the Microsoft nightly build system for managing changes to Microsoft operating systems and other software (1 mark). Then, give your description of: 1. Advantages of this system for Microsoft and other systems (1 mark), 2. Disadvantages of this system for Microsoft and other systems (1 mark), and 3. How does Microsoft arrive at a release that is distributed to the public (1 mark). The product to develop the detailed black-box test plan is Microsoft Word 2016 Print dialog as shown on the left. This version of word is available to all students so you can see its operation if you need to. Part C – Request for Proposal (RFP) (5 marks) Provide a detailed RFP for the following system. Gold Technology (GT) is a business that sells a variety of technology products (e.g. PCs, laptops, phones, routers), provides device repairs and mobile device accessories. They want an integrated system to support their 6 branch shops as the opportunity arises. They envisage the system will evolve over time and plan to expand to many more locations. Their initial requirements are: 1. Provide a customer relations database with information about products and services purchased, devices left with them for repair (customer details, customer purchase history, problem report, work details, etc.) 2. A marketing system that allows for digital marketing using e-mail, social media, and any other modern marketing techniques. This will use details in the customer relations database but allow other prospective customers details to be entered in the existing Gold Technology website (not part of this RFP). 3. A stock management system that includes products for sale, parts for use in repairs, automatic ordering from wholesalers. The system must be able to be used for individual locations to find products and parts at other Gold Technology locations when necessary. 4. Provide reports for management, who may be at any location, of the status of all the above so they can order stock, recruit staff and make other management decisions.


Introduction: -
In this managing Software Development, we study about how the testing of the software has been done before launching to the market for the sale. There are two types of Testing which we have to discussed below. Apart from the testing of software, we have to also explain about the Microsoft Operating system or other products update. Configuration management, we have to also explain about the Microsoft Operating system or other products update.

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