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What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering is the core branches of engineering, In Electrical Engineering branch we study with the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers work on a large range of devices, systems and components ranging from tiny microchips to large power station generators. Generally, we study about the circuit design in electrical engineering. Some of the important topics we study in it are as, DC motors, transformers, Diodes, Semiconductor, Filters, Induction Motors, Thermistors, Oscillators, transducer and some other components of electrical.
Some of the most important pioneers in electrical engineering having discovery of electrical bulb by Thomas Edison, Alternating current by George Westinghouse, radio by Guglielmo Marconi and induction motor by Nikola Tesla. These inventors give concepts and ideas related to electricity into electrical devices and systems that has used in this modern age.
In Electrical Engineering we study about Digital Signal Processing, Micro controller, Power Electronics, Transformer, Circuit Design, control Systems, Sensor and some other subject.

What is the role of Electrical Engineers?

Electrical Engineer gives us endless opportunities. The Electrical Engineer is person who make design of circuit and make new electrical systems, solved issues and test the electrical components. They apply the mathematical concept and physics concepts of electricity, electronics and electromagnetics to small- and large-scale systems to transfer the information and transmit energy. They developed all types of electronics device like supercomputers to small packet devices which has becomes one of the essential parts of the life.

What are Transformers?

Transformers are electrical devices made up of two or more coils of wire which helps to transfer electrical energy by way of a changing magnetic field. In other way we can also define transformers as the electrical device which transfer the electrical energy from one circuit to another without any frequency change by the way of electromagnetic induction.

What is Thermal resistance?

Thermal resistance is a heat property and a calculation of difference in temperature by which a material resists a heat flow. Thermal Resistance has many used in engineering branch such as Specific thermal resistance, R-value, Absolute thermal resistance.

What are voltage transformers?

Voltage Transformers is also known as Potential transformer. voltage transformer is used in electrical systems for stepping down the system voltage to protect value which helps to low ratings relays and meters.
A voltage transformer theory is similar a theory of general-purpose step-down transformer. Primary of this transformer is associated across the phase and ground.

What is Amplifier?

An amplifier is a device which is used to amplifies the power or voltage of an input signal, made up of transistors or tube, power transformers, and some other electrical components. Amplifiers are used in broadcasting and wireless communications all component of audio There are different types of amplifiers. Some of them are explained below in short.

Power amplifiers

It is amplifier which gives a high power output to drive a load at a particular distortion rate. The power amplifier is important role in any “organization and coordination” in the whole sound system, which calculate whether that all system can give sound quality output to some extent.

Operational amplifiers

Operational amplifier is generally known as ideal amplifier having infinite Bandwidth and Gain when it has to be used ai Open-loop mode with commonly DC gain. Operational Amplifier operates with dual positive and corresponding negative supply. It has two basic configurations like inverting and non-inverting. It has zero output impedance.

Some of the Important topics study under Electrical Engineering?
  1. Logic Gates: - In this topic we study about AND, OR, NOR, NAND etc. We make the truth table of each gates before making the design of circuit.
  2. Binary Numbers: - In this topic of Electrical engineering we study about the details in the form of ones and zero in digital form. We will also be abbreviated as “Low” and “High”.
  3. Transistors: - It is used for amplification or switching. It is semiconductor device. In Almost electronic device transistors is sued for amplification purpose. Bipolar Transistor: - It is commonly consisting of three terminal which we can possibly connect it in three way I the electrical circuit.
  4. Inductors: - It is a passive electrical component made up of a coil of wire which is made to take advantage of the relationship between electricity and magnetism as a output of an electric current moving by the coil.
  5. Diode: - It is a fundamental unidirectional semiconductor device that only permits current to flow through them in single direction only, acting as one-way electrical valve, (Forward Biased Condition). Semiconductor: - It is device which is neither good conductor of electricity nor bad conductor. The material is silicon (Si), gallium arsenide (GaAs) and germanium (Ge). Conductors: - It is the material having flow value of resistivity. It is the good conductor of electricity having metal like silver, copper Aluminium. Insulators: - the material which doesn’t conduct electricity is known as insulators. It is the bad conductor of electricity. It is generally non-metal having no free electrons.
  6. Oscillators: - It convert the DC input in the Ac output. It is generally a amplifier with positive feedback. Characteristics of Oscillators are: -
    1. A frequency measure feedback network.
    2. It measures positive feedback.
    3. Oscillators have some form of amplification.
  7. Electromagnetism: - Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics in which we study about the electromagnetic force which are occurred among electrically charged particles. It is one of the basic forces which has electromagnetic field like electric field, light and magnetic fields.
  8. Electromagnetic Force: - Electromagnetic force is the kinds of physical connection that exhibits between electrically charged particles. It behaves between charged particles and all together combined of all electrical and magnetic forces. There are two rules studied in the Electromagnetic Force that is Flaming’s Left-Hand rules and Flaming’s Right-Hand rules. The characteristics of Electromagnetic Force may be Repulsive or Attractive. In this topic we study about:
    1. Faraday’s Law
    2. Electromagnetic induction
    3. Electromagnetic Wave

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Some of Important Equipment and Components used for Electrical Circuit are:
  1. Breadboard
  2. Single Stand wire
  3. Notch player
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Tester
  6. Resistance
  7. Capacitor
  8. Raspberry pie
  9. Oscilloscope
  10. Multimeter
  11. Voltmeter
  12. Thermostat
  13. Inductor
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