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What is civil Engineering?

Everything under the sky is the scope of civil Engineering. Civil Engineering one of the oldest branches of Engineering which take parts in designing, maintaining, construction, planning the infrastructures. It also takes parts in our daily life for making life easy like highways, bridge, school, tunnels etc. Civil Engineering also protect environmental health and public as well all existing infrastructure to improve it.

What is surveying?

Surveying is the methods of measuring the respective position of several features of surface of the earth by the help of indirect or direct calculation and finally shows them on a sheet of paper called as plan. Surveying also describes the methods of making relationship spot by precalculated linear and angular measurements. Using the section, plans, and maps made for surveying, the volume and areas of a specific plot of land can be determined. A horizontal area surveyed is show by the Map and didn’t show the original area and vertical distance will be shown clearer with the help of drawing sections.

What is Importance of Surveying

The Surveying is the skill which is effective in different phases of engineering. Surveying is more essential in any engineering work. Some fundamental of Surveying has explained below.

  1. The first requirement in surveying is to make a plan and a section of an area to be comes under the project. Once the plan has prepared then sections the most appropriate alignment and some essential information’s based on project requirement which can be determined.
  2. At the time of execution of the project of various magnitude is constructed with the points and lines made by surveying.
  3. The design and planning of every Civil Engineering works such as irrigation, highways, tunnelling, railways, dams, reservoirs, bridges, construction of buildings, etc. are depends on surveying calculation.
  4. The determination of land and the boundaries fixation can’t be done without surveying.
  5. The execution of oceanographic and hydrographic mapping and chart is needed.
  6. For the preparation of topographic plan of land area, the survey is used.
Types of Surveying

There are mainly two categories of surveying.

  1. Plane Surveying
  2. Geodetic or Trigonometrical Surveying
  1. Plane Surveying:-Plane surveying describes with few areas on the surface of the earth taking the assumption the of land surface to be plane. So, there is no count of curvature. There is sub-division of plane Surveying which are mentioned below: -
    1. Chain Surveying: - In the different number of triangles area to be surveyed has divided. The length of sides is determined and interior information are noted down.
    2. Traverse Surveying: - Traverse surveying is sued to plot the map comes by series of straight lines considering angles to each one.
    3. Plane Table Surveying: - In Plane Table Surveying, the plotting and observation are done together. The field taken data are observed and record the details on paper simultaneously.
    4. Ordinary Levelling: - Ordinary Levelling is sued to calculate the elevation of various points on earth. It gives all the data or information required for construction works.
  2. Geodetic or Trigonometrical Surveying:-Geodetic surveying tells us with vast areas and curvature need to consider in this type of surveying. Geodetic surveying also subdivided in types which are mentioned below:
    1. Triangulation: - The surveyed plot of land to be form a network with well-defined triangles.
    2. Reciprocal Levelling: - It is sued to levelling on streams and other obstruction occurred to remove instrumental error. From different points, level reading can be taken to setup.
    3. Tachometry: - It is used to measure the distance. Through this instrument, both horizontal and vertical distances are measures.
    4. Astronomical: - With the help of celestial bodies the plot to be surveyed is calculated.
    5. Photographic:-It is instrument which is helps to prepare plan or map by taking the images through suitable camera. The result of plan will be 3D drawing of real-world scene or drawing only.
There are various branches comes under the civil engineering which has mentioned below:
  1. Material: - In material engineering we study about Cement, Bricks, concrete, timber, sand aggregate and steel. Material is one of basic and essential products for constructions. Quick Assignment Help has all different expert of each field to deal with coursework separately. We offer online tutoring of material used in construction with their benefit.
  2. Geotech: - It is the branch of civil engineering in which we study about the Foundation (Deep foundation), geology, site Investigation, soil mechanics. Foundation is the necessary parts of constructions. It explained as parts of stricture which transfer the load of constructed structure with weight over large area of soil. There are two types of Foundation. Deep Foundation and Shallow Foundation. Further, Shallow Foundation is categories into sub-parts are Wall Footing, Combined Footing, Isolated Footing, Cantilever Footing and Raft Footing. Deep Foundation also divided into Sub parts such as Pile Foundation, Caisson Foundation and Pier Foundation.
  3. Construction: - It is also branch of Civil Engineering in which we study about construction of building, equipment, wall and bridges. The design of building is made on software and that would be implement on real world.
  4. Transportation: - It is also branch of civil engineering in which we study about Highway. Transportation deals with scientific principles and application of technology for planning the preparation of design. In this there is mainly study of Highway Engineering which is one of discipline which deals with construction, design and maintenance of Highway roads and Systems.
  5. WRE: - It is also one of the disciplines of civil engineering in which we study about the Dams, Open Channel, Irrigation and Fluid Mechanics.

What is Software Used for Design Purpose in Civil engineering?s

There is many software available which helps in Design purpose. Quick Assignment Help expert knows all the Software design. We do design according to requirement of coursework or assignments asked. We also provide online tutorial to desired student who wills to learn the working on software to structural Design and analysis.Some of the Software are: -

  1. ETABS: - This is the Structural Software for Design and Analysis work. This software is sued for Design of Extended 3D analysis of building. This Software is the products of Computers and Structures Inc company and helps structural engineer to design and analysis the structural works.
  2. AutoCAD:- This software is vastly used by Civil engineer, Automobile engineer, mechanical engineer. It is sued by civil engineer for designing and drafting purpose. This software is used to perform fast design simulation and calculation in the field of manufacturing industries. Our expert tutors also provide online tutorial of AutoCAD software to desired students at negligible price.
  3. Space Gass: - This software is used for multi purpose design and analysis of 3D and 2D structures. It has various features which is helpful for doing any task from trusses, small beams and portal frames to big high rise building. In this software all the graphics tools has set up which analyse the data to input graphically.

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