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In Project Management Course we study about the Roles and responsibility of the Company Manger, Stakeholder, and employees. How Project Manager handled any project. It is important for any company to handle stakeholder and guide their employees to work according to project requirement.

Q. What is Project?

A Project is the temporary venture which create unique service, products and give the best result in Market. There is no two-project similar to each other. Every project has its own classification. It is very important to manage the project and complete the project on timeline. It is totally responsibility of the Project manager to handle whole project and delivered it on time to stakeholder with best quality of product used.

Q.2 Who is Project Manager?

The word “project manager” is so large that it can enclosed a number of various tasks and handle people to people. It is the Responsibility of project manager to complete the project from starting to ending and handle all the issue. The main work of Project Manager to make planning of project, setup deadline of project, complete project on each phase, manage whole project according to budget and always in contact with stakeholder and update them about project time to time. A project manager has high experience to handle their employees and have much skill to handle project so that any issue occurrence during project can be minimised shortly. It is also responsibility of project manager to communicate with their employees positively so that there may not occurrence of any issue in project.

Q.3. What is Project Team?

A project team is a team of individuals work together to achieved goals. Their purpose is to get a particular business goal or task. The project teams have made on a temporary basis. The Project Team consists for short period of time. A project manager is also an internal part of the project team. To successful completion of project, team and project manager work together.

Q.4. Roles and Responsibility of Project Manager?

Different organisation set different types of responsibility for the Project Manager. It may be depending on the project requirements. But there is some responsibility of project which is fixed throughout the project. Some of the responsibility has discussed below: -

  1. Planning: Planning terms itself say that plan your work. Planning is to made to get full goals to complete project. Hence, creating a roadmap in advance is a necessary role of project managers. Next your planning will get approval whether your plan is good for project or not. In the planning section, all the requirement of project, time to complete the project and budget has to be fixed. In this stage, Project manager has to make plan how to communicate with the stakeholder, how to update the project development phase. Whatever the proposal made must get approval from concerned authority and this is one of the critical parts of the project development.
  2. Organizing: It is responsibility of project manager to organized the team members and assemble them to work together. Organizing is about assigning roles to the team members and provide timeline to get targets. In this step, it is also explained about the tools that has been used. We can say that the project implies outsourcing some requirements. Then, the project manager recognises the services to be given, the company that provides these services etc.
  3. Leading: Leading is the large role which can be accommodated whole roles of the project manager. An essential part of any project manager’s role is to join and lead the project team. Hence leading is consider as one of the important roles of project manager in completion of project. This requires good communication, and leadership skills, people, and also watch the strength and weakness of the others. A capacity to speak boldly and frequently with all stakeholders is critical. To lead it also make decision to check the status of ongoing project time to time. Project manager always ensure that which team members working on which project and ask for their update. In this stage, Project manager keep the meeting to the team so that there should not any communication gap on the project and project move positively forward. It is the responsibility of project manager to solve any issue came during the development of project. Project Manager handle all the technical issues occurred in project and guide team to work smoothly.
  4. Execution: The project manager responsibility to take part in and supervise the successful completion of each stage of the project. Again, this requires frequent, open interaction with the project team members and stakeholders.
  5. Time management: Time Management is also one of the important responsibly of project manager. When derailments arise, project managers are responsible for resolving them and communicating effectively with team members and other stakeholders to ensure the project gets back on track. Project managers should be experienced at risk management and eventuality planning so they can continue moving forward even when barrier occur.
  6. Budget: Maintaining budget of any project is also important. Project managers look all the requirement and they are tasked with make budget for project, and then sticking to it as closely as possible. In few circumstances, the budget become fails what they made initially but it is hand of project manager to re-allocate new budget for ongoing project so that the quality of products can’t be compromise at any cost.
  7. Documentation: A project Manager has sufficient knowledge of any project and measure the efficiency of project time to time. It is responsibility of project manager to check the progress of project and check whether project moving on plan document or not. So, documentation is one the important steps for any project. Team members works according to document provided by the project manager. In Report made after completing of project it should match by project manager and give final approval of the report before handover the stakeholder.
  8. Maintenance: Maintenance is one of the important stages of any project. Just because a project has been completed does not mean the work ends. There needs to be a plan for ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. That’s where a project manager comes. So, maintaining any project on time reflect good Infront of stakeholder.
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